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Fascinated by Nature, Passionate about Health

Jeff Wallien, MS (Nutrition and Herbalism)

I grew up in a family of plant people. My great-grandmother started a greenhouse business, selling plants from local stores to national fairs (New York World's Fair for example, in 1955!) This carried down to my grandfather, and then my father, with the result that there was a large greenhouse on our property as a child. It was this upbringing which really got me into the world of natural medicine, as I discovered a wealth of beauty and use from all the many plants I watered and cared for as weekly chores!

Shortly after highschool, I met a monk who gave me the book "Bhagavad-Gita", which totally changed my outlook on life, and which led to my joining a monastery for a little over 8 years! I spent time all over the country, and also got to live in places such as India and Sweden! Part of this time as a monk I also spent getting my bachelor's degree (yes, monks can go to school too!).

After graduating from University of Colorado Boulder in philosophy, and eventually ending my monastic lifestyle, I decided to join the family business of selling flowers, live plants, and bulbs on QVC. I learned all about hundreds of different plants and thoroughly enjoyed speaking on live television. I did this for about 9 years and then began my Master's program at Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) for Nutrition and Integrative Health. My education was rich, fulfilling, and really tied the loose ends up of what knowledge I had accumulated for years prior as self-motivated research.

I currently live on a small farm in Zionsville, IN where my fiancee and I care for cows, sheep, goats, and pigs, along with a wonderful herb, fruit, and vegetable garden. We often find local preserves and harvest wild-plants for medicines in the warmer months.

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