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I am very happy to offer a wide-variety of services based on the knowledge of naturally assisting the body through the healing process. As human beings we forget a very important natural law; life comes from life! If we want to start living healthier, happier lives, full of energy and joy, we need to harmonize our way of being with that of nature and the Earth. Diet, lifestyle, and herbal regime founded on simplicity and purity provides the best support.

Comprehensive Nutritional and Herbal Consultation - $155

(includes 45 min. follow-up in 6-8 wks)

Your first appointment will be a 1.5-2 hour initial consultation. We will go over your intake forms and discuss at length your lifestyle, diet, exercise, mood, and work. All of this information helps me get a clear picture of who you are, as an individual, which forms the basis of any recommendations I will make. After our first meeting I will call you with details of my recommendations, sending details via email. This may also include an e-script for herbs/vitamins or biological samples (blood, urine, stool). At this point, I may also feel it necessary to come in for supportive therapies, which are listed below.

Sound Healing, $75 for 45 mins

Ancient methods backed by modern science; sound healing is proven to effectively eliminate stress, the cause of 90% of doctor visits in North America! Enjoy this as a unique healing modality with real results! I lay you down on an FDA-approved Tesla Coil mat, which produces healing EMF's, while using gongs, sound bowls, flute, didgeridoo, and tuning forks to establish deep calm and break through stuck points in your energy field.

Heliotherapy, or Light Therapy, pricing varies

Light is a surprising yet powerful method for creating health in the body and mind backed by decades of research. At Living Wisdom I may use infrared panels, ocular light tubes, aura-balancing specific wavelength technology, or simply recommend daily sunlight for bone and heart health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques,

Cupping - $55 for 45 mins

Utilizing a variety of techniques such as gua sha, acupressure, electro-acu-stimulation, and moxibustion, I may employ one or all of these if they will help balance the elements in the body and provide sufficient nerve energy to required areas.

Laboratory Testing, pricing varies

When necessary I do like to utilize testing, for a variety of reasons; food sensitivity, standard bloodwork, specific pathogen identification, and parasite observation. Most of these tests can be performed at home and dropped at Living Wisdom clinic, while others I may send you to a local blood draw lab for.

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